Play Game Online is a new io game with a very exciting gameplay. game has given a new impulse to shooting io games with a very different competence environment that it offers. With easy controls, the game flows and the gameplay of the game is very action-packed. You need to choose a color for your fleet and pick a nickname when you first enter the game. Then you will be spawned in an empty arena full of different geometric shapes. You have three ships in your fleet at the beginning and you need to build up a huge fleet to dominate the game.

You steer your fleet which moves automatically by using your mouse. The fleet will follow the arrow and you can shoot by pressing the left mouse button. You can also use spacebar to shoot. Shooting can be toggled with the E button. Each shape and enemy ship you hit add one more ship to your fleet. However, you can only gain points on the player kill. Each ship you have in your fleet shoots a single bullet at once and there is a reloading time which increases as you grow bigger, so you have to shoot carefully.

Today you’re dominating in a space arena. Try to continuously shoot down your enemies. Try to climb up the ladder and show the world what you’re capable of. We believe you’ll be able to make it. Find a way how to get on top of your enemies. Fill in your name, pick your triangle and get into the fray. There’s a long and difficult journey awaiting you. Each time you shoot down an enemy, you grow bigger. Build the largest fleet in the universe and get ready to dominate outer space. Defeat all the enemy ships you can and enjoy this addictive multiplayer game with players from around the world! Quickly avoid your attacks and try not to lose all your ships or you will be dead.